Thousand Scales
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The Ministers of the Thousand Scales are officially subordinate to the Magistrates and form the Imperial Bureaucracy of the Realm. They run the day-to-day functions of the Realm ranging from setting tax rates to publishing the debates of the Deliberative.

The Ministers are almost entirely mortal Dynasts and Patricians but they have shown their capabilities well in the years since the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress; also, they are expanding their functions into new areas of Imperial life while the Great Houses focus upon hunting for the Magistrates.

There are a number of divisions within the ministries and some of them are quite small (the Office of the Imperial Overseer of Airships has one clerk and the minister hasn't reported to work for over sixteen years) and others are mundane (the Minister of Weights and Measures is responsible for keeping the Realm's standard weights and measures in a special vault in the Imperial City). However, there are some ministers and ministries that are helping shape policy in the Realm - especially as the Deliberative has begun to seek out their opinions from time to time.

The most important ministries are the Imperial Assessors, who collect the Realm's taxes; the Imperial Treasury, which decides how that money will be spent; and the Foreign Office, which advised the Empress (and now the Regent) on foreign policy. Recently, following the Empress' disappearance, these three ministries pushed for the removal of the Magistrates but they have been loosing power to the Great Houses as time passes.

List of the Ministries or Minsters

  • The Foreign Office
  • Imperial Assessors
  • The Office of the Imperial Overseer of Airships
  • Imperial Treasury
  • The Minister of Weights and Measures
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