Walker In Darkness

Walker in Darkness

The Black Psychopomp
The Promulgator of the Cromlech Cinerary


The Walker in Darkness started his journey to the void in the same Invisible Manse that he who would become the Mask of Winters did. Walker in Darkness got a head start, however, when Larquen Quen betrayed and murdered him. He appeared in the Underworld an amnesiac. The Black Psychopomp has many well-conceived plans for dropping all of Creation into the Void. He sees himself as Neverborn loyalist, a venerable Warrior-Priest of the Void. He's one of the few Deathlords that actually join his Deathknights in the field, as opposed to sending them out on missions unsupervised. He's personally destroyed many Eastern kingdoms by posing as some sort of prophet, or a savant or advisor. Since the took the Black Heron's previous Manse, he's been very wary about moving into the Great Forks, however, he has many ties to Sijan and eyes on Denandsor, as that might hold clues to his identity. In Sijan, he keeps an embassy and the Sijaneese think he might be a better ally than the Realm or Lookshy.


Because of his religious fervor concerning the Void, he has a cordial relationship with the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible. As mentioned above, he has decent ties to Sijan. More than any other Deathlord, he believes the Caste of an Abyssal should indicate what they do, sometimes leaving those without the proper skills in charge of something their Caste traditionally oversees. He doesn't like the Mask of Winters even though he doesn't remember him from before. He feels that invading a city in full view of Heaven is detrimental to the cause of the Neverborn and, really, downright stupid. His favorite servant is a Sidereal he wooed from Heaven. She was originally a spy in his court from the Mask of Winters who he seduced away then "married."


He is most recognizable as a tall, muscled man with blue skin and grey-white hair with piercing orange eyes. Many of those who live near his domain worship him as the Black Psychopomp, in which he wars black robes and face of a flayed skull.


The Walker took over the Black Heron's old domain, the House of Bitter Reflections. Problem is, when she fled she cursed it. It has the unfortunate habit of making people in the bounds of it die and their souls consigned to the Void. His central citadel are the Ebon Spires of Pyrron, named for the First Age city where it sat. His primary weapon is a Soulsteel grand grimcleaver named Arm of Shades Below, which no non-magical creature can lift. If forced to fight, he wears a Soulsteel breastplate over red robes. He also owns a Soulsteel long powerbow called Raiton to the Heart. He, like many other Deathlords, has his own custom charms that help him out in combat. He has mastered at least two different Celestial Martial Arts, and one Sidereal Martial Art up to the Form Type.


Notable servants of this deathlord are:

2. The Underworld, 57-59.
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