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The Wyld is treated in detail in First Edition's Exalted: The Fair Folk and the Second Edition sourcebook Compass of Celestial Directions: The Wyld.

The term "the Wyld" is used to describe both the formless chaos that exists beyond the elemental poles and the places where that chaos has intruded upon Creation, most notably in the wake of the Fair Folk invasion that followed the Great Contagion, which they call the Balorian Crusade.

The Bordermarches, Middlemarches, and Deep Wyld are collectively called Rakshastan by the Fair Folk, or Raksha. This is because these lands were once a part of Creation, and are still tainted by it. Pure Chaos is nearly as dangerous to the Fair Folk as it is to the denizens of Creation. The Unshaped do not tolerate the shaped lightly, and many Raksha who venture into these reaches become pawns of Fomorian masters. Lands which are no longer part of the Wyld, but still show signs of its touch are called Tainted Lands.

Exposure to the Wyld can cause Wyld Mutation, twisting creatures into surreal amalgams of other life, Wyld Mutants.

Structure of the Wyld

The Wyld is broken up into four zones:


The Bordermarches are the portions of the Wyld closest to Creation, regions that are not so much areas of total entropy but subtle changes to reality. The Bordermarches are certainly more dangerous than most areas of Creation, but the chaos is not so extreme that madness and death are a constant, extreme risk.


Where reality is warped into a barely recognizable state.

Deep Wyld

In which many mortals quickly lose their sanity.

Pure Chaos

Where the Unshaped reign supreme.


Waypoints are locations in the Wyld, and are the measure of distance where a term like "miles" would be mutable and arbitrary.

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