Wyld Hunt
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The Hunt is a group of battle-hardened Dragon-Blooded gathered both from the Immaculate Order and the Realm military for the express purpose of hunting down Anathema. With the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress, the Wyld Hunt's effectiveness has begun to suffer, as those Dragon-Bloods who would be most effective in the Hunt now choose to stay at home to lend their support to their Great Houses in the contest for the Scarlet Throne.

Chapter Houses

Only six Chapter Houses of the Wyld Hunt remain open in this Time of Tumult:

  • The Azimuth Spire: Headquarters of the Wyld Hunt, the Spire is where new recruits come for training. It is located in Arjuf Dominion.
  • Proven Worth Chapter House: Influential in their home region of Lamkaet Prefecture, the Huntsmen of Proven Worth teach their neighbors zeal in the face of the threat of the Anathema.
  • The only Chapter House outside the Realm to remain in service is in the North, near Cherak.
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