S'yal, The Kingdom of Silvered Clouds
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By Sly9 (MW / RPG.net / OPP)

S'yal, The Kingdom of Silvered Clouds

A non-canon location setting in Creation's South-west corner. I've custom made multiple locations within this area and they can be found here on the Wikidot (as I update and add them) and also on my More Than Myths Wikipage, which holds all sorts of information for my Exalted games.

A collection of cities and mountain lands, the capital of which resides upon the tallest peak in the far South West. The geothermal activity here includes silver magma spouts and minor volcanoes, which erupt with silver laced magma which flakes and is scattered into the sky. The specks are so small and lightweight, they rise into the air and stick to the clouds that skirt and sit on the mountains.

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