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By Sly9 (MW / / OPP)


A non-canon location setting in Creation's South-west corner. I've custom made multiple locations within this area and they can be found here on the Wikidot (as I update and add them) and also on my More Than Myths Wikipage, which holds all sorts of information for my Exalted games.

The largest imperial city in the Cinder Isles. The city itself is a massive fort built in the Karniis River Delta. All around the fort, are large plantations of silk trees. Thousands upon thousands of slaves are used to farm and produce the specialized mangrove silk which grows on the plantations here. Slaving is a prime industry here, along with other typical types of trading. Notable buildings inside of the fort include the Imperial Bank of the South, and the Katahami Temple. Out in front of the delta is a giant sandbar island, Zunis Cay.

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