The Cinder Isles
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By Sly9 (MW / / OPP)

The Cinder Isles

A canon location setting in Creation's South-west corner. I've custom made multiple locations within this area and they can be found here on the Wikidot (as I update and add them) and also on my More Than Myths Wikipage, which holds all sorts of information for my Exalted games.

Realms west of the Firepeaks are as rich as the South and prostrate as the West. Foreign powers, whether Dynasts or Lunars, mortal princes or corrupt gods, subjugate the peoples of these humid lands—jungles and forests, marshes and savannahs—to claim their wealth and resources. Buccaneer fleets ravage shipping lanes while slavers and Fair Folk prey upon impoverished villages.

Near the center of things, the folk of wealthy satrapies hide their hatred behind adoring smiles, then kneel in secret before forbidden gods to call curses on their suzerains. Closer to the world’s edge, towns and tribes lie scattered across coastal islands or encircled by monster-haunted marshlands and smoldering volcanoes. Here, where peoples are strange and their customs baffling to outsiders, any selfish godling, budding necromancer or ruthless sellsword can carve out a dominion.

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