The Delerant
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By Sly9 (MW / / OPP)

The Delerant

A non-canon location setting in Creation's South-west corner. I've custom made multiple locations within this area and they can be found here on the Wikidot (as I update and add them) and also on my More Than Myths Wikipage, which holds all sorts of information for my Exalted games.

A sprawling city built on marooned boats and stilts, sitting amongst the tall grass/reeds that cover this low water inlet. Violence, crime, drugs, and gambling are all common place here. It is a great place for hedonists, party seekers, or those who are fine with indiscretion of any magnitude. Rumors have it, that the Golden Panza Underground was started here and as such, is the base of operations for the region. One thing is certain, members of the underground have taken root in nearly every major city in the Cinder Isles, making it the most prevalent criminal network in the South West.

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