The Seventh Princess
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By Sly9 (MW / / OPP)

The Seventh Princess

A non-canon location setting in Creation's South-west corner. I've custom made multiple locations within this area and they can be found here on the Wikidot (as I update and add them) and also on my More Than Myths Wikipage, which holds all sorts of information for my Exalted games.

The Seventh Princess is a theocracy based on the religion called Tajneeism or as it is called by the locals of the area, The Masked Faith. The city is said to be run by a family of crazy religious fanatics, that interrupt their religious manuscripts then make up crazy laws for the citizens. Regardless of what people say, those that live here follow the rules of their religious leader, a beautiful princess. The oldest of these rules, that still stands even today, is that all those who enter city, must be masked. It is illegal to show your bare face in public streets or areas, while in the city. The city itself lends itself well to the isolationist ideals of those who want to live their, practice living by their religion, and prefer to have limited-to-no contact with the rest of the outside world, because it resides on the top of a massive pillar of earth. The pillar juts randomly out of the flat area around it, leading many to believe it was built by man, but no one knows how a feat such as that would have been accomplished. There is only one road in and out of the city, and it spirals around the outside of the pillar.

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