The Desperately Grasping Talons
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By SkinaStonedottir

Artifact: ••

This is a set of four black rings in the style of wedding rings. Two are worn on the index fingers, and two on the ring fingers. The rings are formed of a single piece of onyx, tempered with the essence of a mortal's unrequited love for the ring's creator.

When worn by a practitioner of the Black claw style of martial arts in combat against one who holds an unrequited positive intimacy for the wearer, the wearers strength is increased by the level of the intimacy, and they gain one extra damage dice on decisive attacks. Additionally, grapples against such a person grant the intimacies level in automatic successes to their control roll.

However, the ring's desperation sings out for any unrequited love. When defending against an attacker for whom the martial artist holds an unrequited intimacy, the martial artist takes the intimacies level as a penalty to their defence and soak.

This artefact has not been tested and may be overpowered for its rating.

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