The Prayer to Haemanur
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By Skina Stonedottir

Artifact: ••

The Prayer to Haemanur is a loop of fine bronze chain fastened with a granite carving of Haemanur, the god of Northern Smiths and Stoneworkers. Beneath the fastening hang three tokens of white jade, each bearing an inscription exhorting the prudence, stoic virtue, and decisiveness of the spirits of the earth.

To activate The Prayer to Haemanur, a prospective user ties it around the base of a stoneworking tool, and makes a difficulty one prayer roll (Charisma + Performance) to the local spirits of the earth. Success on the roll grants the user a boon by the sprits of the earth: for the rest of the day, the tool cuts through hard stone as though it were as soft as clay.

Success on the roll, and every three threshold successes, allows the user to treat their strength as though it were one point higher for the purposes of cutting, carving or engraving stone, or even mining precious ores out of the earth. Their effective strength for these tasks can be no more than double their real strength. This explicitly does not affect their ability to lift heavy boulders and the like; it only affects cutting the earth with the blessed tool.

Essence users may spend five motes as a sacrifice to accompany their prayer roll, in which case their strength is treated as one point higher for every two threshold successes. Their effective strength can be increased by up to five points.

The boon granted by this tool is at the discretion of the spirits of the earth, and taking actions to offend them, such as attacking them, immediately ends the boon.

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