The Preening Fanbird
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By SkinaStonedottir

Artifact: ••

A preening peacock of marble set with tiny slivers of black jade detail is perched upon a shining emerald feather taken from the tail of a fanbird, a strange metallic bird found in the far east revered for its mysterious and captivating beauty. When the wearer places this hairpin in her hair she is immediately perfectly composed, with her hair perfectly coifed, her jewellery flying into place, and her mundane clothing clean, perfumed, and flawless. This allows a character to become perfectly dressed in one round, notably including immediately arranging other worn artefacts such as the Silvered Web of Cautious Silks. This effect takes one turn. Additionally, the fanbird allows her to ignore the mundane effects of her environment, such as splashes of mud or dust, or tearing delicate silks on thornbushes or even in combat, and her jewellery will never be knocked loose from her hair.

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