The Silvered Web of Cautious Silks
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By SkinaStonedottir

Artifact: ••••

The Silvered Web of Cautious Silks is a set of twenty pins and broaches hanging from moonsilver chains.

To activate the Silvered Web, the user spends ten minutes carefully fastening the various pins to her garments at particular points, linking them to each other in a precise sequence, and then commits four motes. Immediately, her clothing gains the traits of light artifact silken armor, offering exceptional defense while maintaining the appearance and feel of mundane clothing. This is explicitly compatible with all martial arts styles. Any garments may be enhanced, from the filthy rags of a beggar to the delicate tulle and silks of a dynast.

I think this is boring enough on its own, and I'd like to come up with evocations for it, but so far I'm lacking inspiration. Your suggestions would be welcome. Current considerations include using the combination of moonsilver and stone to reshape the stone around her, making stone webs and chains to trip and grapple enemies, or even allowing her to step through stone as though it were water.

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