The Thrice Harmonic Singer
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By SkinaStonedottir

Artifact: •••

This hairclip contains a carving of a two headed humanoid bat, holding a golden harp strung with the delicate vocal cords of a Crimson-voiced Stalker. The Crimson-voiced stalkers are a race of predatory albino sirens that sing quietly in the tunnels below the earth, hunting their prey through the echoes of their beautiful yet horribly bubbling songs. When activated, at a cost of five motes, the carving raises its heads to let out a chord of two long sonorous notes, then strikes a third upon its harp. The sounds echo outwards, through the soil and stone, forests and walls, reaching the users (Essence) in miles. The chord is held for one minute, after which the bat creature will recount a description of what it has heard in the echoes. It will start with the highlights, noting any major geographical features, especially large groups of creatures, animals of particular size, or interesting structures, but if allowed to talk for sufficient time it can recount a detailed map of the area it observed.

Anything in the area will hear the song faintly, which resembles that of a Stalker, and those with particularly adept hearing might be able to determine the direction the sound is coming from.

The singer ignores any stealth effects that would not affect the ability of something to be heard were it making noise. Applicable supernatural stealth is contested through an appropriate roll (Perception + Awareness versus a roll appropriate to the mode of stealth), with success on the Singer's part revealing detail commensurate to the degree of success. On a tie, the Singer only detects that there is a place where the echoes seem unusual.

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