The Wandering Honeybee
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By SkinaStonedottir

Artifact: ••

This device serves as a peculiar kind of compass. It takes the form of a delicate golden honeybee in flight, with finely cut blue jade wings, and a body made from carefully arranged pieces of a shattered first age device set in gold and brass. The bee is resting upon a brass honeycomb, with each cell lined in thin pieces of white jade, each set with sigils of home marked out in other fragments of the same artifact.

The honeybee can be removed from the honeycomb, hanging as a pendant on a fine chain. When the user commits three motes, the bee will levitate, and move to follow the most direct path to the honeycomb, as would be determined by a flying bee. While this can be a reliable way to find one's path back out of the wilds, or even caves beneath the earth, one must be careful of obstacles that would be irrelevant to a bee, such as detours through tiny cracks in the earth, or over great crevasses.

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