The Watchful Magpie
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By SkinaStonedottir

Artifact: ••

A little bird carved from a strange black and white jewel found deep under gethamene, and set into a delicate starmetal chain wrapped around the ear. It is constantly wary, and will chirp a warning when a supernatural being approaches, alerting the wearer to potential dangers so quietly that nothing else can hear.

When attuned at a cost of three motes, the magpie grants the user a chance chances to notice approaching supernatural beings. When a supernatural creature approaches within one mile, roll Perception + Occult, at a difficulty of difficulty five - the target's essence.

This effect ignores normal stealth, but make an appropriate contested roll for beings attempting to conceal their nature through supernatural means. Creatures that are making a lot of supernatural noise such as exalts with their anima banners flaring, or large groups of similar beings may provide reduced difficulty. Success grants a simple one sentence description of the approaching entity.

The magpie never detects dematerialised spirits, nor does it detect supernatural beings that are sufficiently common to be the background noise of an area will not perturb the local essence flows enough to be noticeable; for example, the device would not be able to notice the movement of dynasts on the blessed isle. Finally, if there are a great many different supernatural beings perturbing the local essence, there may be too much noise to pick out specific beings; in such situations the magpie may only the most noteworthy and distinct creatures, and these rolls are made at an increased difficulty.

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