Wings of the Guardian
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By [[user *SkinaStonedottir]

Artifact: •••

The Wings of the Guardian is a disk of blue jade carved with the image of a the northern spirit of protectors The Crane who Stretches His Wings Against the Blizzard. It bears an inscription that invokes its holder to be a righteous defender of all creation.

To use this, one fastens the disk to the pommel of a weapon and commits five motes. At any time, the user may reflexively draw or sheath the weapon. If the weapon is within short range, and is not restrained, the user may pay one mote to have it fly into her hand.

At the start of her turn in combat, the user may spend five motes to cast the weapon into the air as a reflexive action. When she does so, she instructs the weapon to take a defend other action in favour of a target in close range to the user. This defensive must be something the user believes to be righteous; she can cast the weapon in the air to defend frightened villagers against marauding fairfolk, but she is unlikely to be able to justify defending a dishonest merchant against a rebellion of his mistreated slaves. This power explicitly cannot be used to defend one's self.

The weapon acts with the martial artists own traits, but onslaught penalties against the weapon do not apply to the martial artist, and vice-versa. The weapon's actions may be enhanced with charms of the Crane Style Martial Arts, and it can make counterattacks under the style when they would be available to the user, and if it is an artefact the user may still access any unlocked evocations, but it cannot benefit from solar charms or charms of other martial arts styles.

At the start of the user's next turn, the weapon returns to her hand and is reflexively readied. She may not cast it into the air again until she has held it for at least one turn.

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