Abd al-Malik
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By HoratioAtTheBridge

Abd al-Malik is a Dereth warrior is service to the Tri-Kahn of Chiarascuro, but also a member of the powerful Qadir clan. The Qadir and their allies favor a policy of partnership with the Realm, sending Delzhan warriors to serve as scouts and cavalry in the armies of Houses Mnemon and Sessus in exchange for wealthy trading contracts and grants of local office. By ingratiating themselves with these powerful Dragonblooded families, the Qadir hope to win the Delzhan a place of honor in the future Realm. al-Malik serves as an agent of the Qadir in the court of the Tri-Kahn, speaking (and more importantly, acting) for his house and for maintaining good relationships with the Realm. al-Malik himself sees this policy as not only in the best interest of his clan, but in the best interest of the Delzhan as a whole. As a key ally of the Realm, he's picked up some of their attitudes about Anathema, and will be a thorn in the side of any Anathema trying to operate in Chiarascuro.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 3; Join Battle: 8 dice
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x2/-2x2/-4x1/Incap.


  • Defining Principles: Delzhan Honor, Hope for a Prosperous Future as a Co-Equal Ally of the Realm
  • Defining Ties: City-State of Chiarascuro (Loyalty)
  • Major Principles: Valor
  • Major Ties: The Realm (Key Ally), the Qadir clan (Love)
  • Minor Principles: Sacred Duty of Hospitality
  • Minor Ties: The Tri-Kahn (Loyalty), Raiders, Pirates, and Thieves (Contempt), Anathema (Fear and Loathing)

Speed Bonus:
Actions: Command: 8 dice; Keen Gaze: 8 dice; Horse Riding: 11 dice; Read Intentions: 6 dice
Appearance 3, Resolve 4 (5 Stubborn), Guile 3

Attack (Javelin): 9 dice + Range modifiers (Damage 12), limited to short range
Attack (Saber): 11 dice (damage 12, minimum 2)
Attack (Grapple): 6 dice (5 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 13 dice if mounted, 7 otherwise
Evasion 3, Parry 6
Soak/Hardness: 8/0 (Reinforced Buff Jacket)

Special Attacks

Mounted Warrior: al-Malik loses 1 point of accuracy and 1 point of defense when fighting other mounted troops or infantry equipped with reaching weapons, or when fighting off his beloved horse.


Tactics: Abd al-Malik fights in the traditional style of the Delzhan nomads, combining hit and run tactics with a reckless personal bravery. He leads his men from the front, flurrying command actions with his own attacks. This makes him less effective at both, but he lacks the restraint of more seasoned commanders.

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