Alalgar, The Ever Open Door, Reflective Soul of Zinridi - The Unfettered
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By Raemus

Alalgar bears the Shape of an enormous Man swathed in draperies of deepest Purple, such that his Body is entirely concealed. Beneath those draperies lies neither Flesh nor Blood, only a cold and windy Darkness. It is said that those who please the Ever Open Door, or are foolish enough to bind him in sorcery, may use that yawning emptiness as a portal to distant realms. Through it friends may travel to their destinations, and enemies may be sent to their doom.
Alalgar lives to aid his progenitor, Zinridi, and he longs to give her what she desires, an escape. This means he uses all his manpower to find physical means of escape and all his political clout in the Demon City to gather mystical intoxicants and organize revelries for her mental escapes.
He may never use this power to bridge between planes however so he must be within a plane to bridge within it. He may enter Creation when a mortal traverses the breadth of the world from Pole to Pole.

Essence: 6; Willpower: 9; Join Battle: 6 dice
Personal Motes: 120
Health Levels: -0x2/-1x6/-2x6/-4x6/Incap.

Sample Intimacies:

  • Defining Principle: “All Places Are Within Me”
  • Major Tie: To Provide Zinridi’s Escape (Desire)
  • Minor Tie: Malfeas - the Demon City (Hate)

Summoning Tips: When Summoning the Ever Open Door it is best to place him in a room with as many closed doors as possible, this affront will unbalance him for the moments you need to bind him. As a show of respect from that moment on open all doors, windows, gates, containers, etc… This will amuse the demon. Also allow him to choose the end locations of execution portals.

Actions: Lore (Geography - Creation or the Demon City) 10 dice, Occult (Geomancy) 10 dice
Appearance 4, Resolve 5, Guile 5

Attack (Massive Fist): 12 dice (Damage 12L)
Combat Movement: 8 dice
Evasion 6, Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 10 / 3


Giant: See Core Rules, p. 161

Fists of Malfean Stone: The massive fists of Alalgar are harder than any natural stone and as such can both inflict lethal damage and turn aside blades with ease.
Dodging through the Chest: Beneath Alalgor’s chest is … nothing. Thus striking anywhere on his body other than his arms, shoulders and head is pointless. However any ranged attack that misses Alalgar by 1 or 2 enters the portal ending up wherever the portal currently ends up. Remember it’s one way so any auto-returning weapons will take a while.

Offensive Charms

Undesired Exit (3m, Supplemental, Instant, None, E1): When fighting a living doorway it is good to remember that it goes somewhere. Those foolish enough to battle Alalgor in hand to hand combat must risk being cast through his gate should he grasp them.
Effect: This charm supplements a grapple as a throw action but sends the target through Alalgar’s gate to wherever it is currently linked to. If given a moment to prepare Alalgar is known to move his gate to the entry of volcanoes or to the forgotten depths of ancient ruins.

Defensive Charms

Returning Aggression (8m, Reflexive, Instant, Counterattack, E4): Alalgar is a crafty and cunning opponent. One of his great joys is to strike his opponent with their own power, and over the eons he has learn how to use his gate to do just that.
Effect: Using this charm, the demon may temporarily shift the doorway to any opening nearby, and thereby redirect the attack toward another target. This happens regardless of whether or not the attack struck and dealt damage to him. He causes the same attack with 2 less successes to strike at someone within sight and reach of a doorway/window/gate/frame/container/etc…

Social Charms

Gaze Upon Forever (8m, Simple, See Below, Eclipse & Psyche, E3): By opening his draperies before an onlooker Alalgor may entrance them with a vision of forever that resides within him.
Effect: Alagor rolls 8 dice against the target’s resolve. If successful the viewer’s awareness is pulled into the void of Alalgar’s gate and hypnotizes them (For an Eclipse this is done using his anima banner, and thus requires the anima banner to be active). This makes them utterly inactive for the duration (Up to Demon’s Essence - Target’s Essence rounds). Once begun Alalgar may act normally without breaking the charm’s magic unless he moves out of view OR the target is physically disturbed (struck, shaken, slapped, etc…).

Miscellaneous Charms

Passage Across the Realm (15m, Simple, Until Changed, None, E5): Alalgar’s nothingness is a passage between two points within the same plane of existence that he resides. This passage is a one-way door that, once established, can be used to his content.
Effect: This charm allows the demon to choose a specific location for his gateway. The portal within his chest opens to the desired location but where it may open it is restricted by a rule. The of the Passage must be an opening of some kind of fixed opening (doorway, cave entrance, canyon outlet, etc…). It cannot be to open ground or sky. Additionally this passage is one-way. Lastly to have the demon a fix the passageway to a specific location is possible but the more specific the location the more description Alalgar will need.

Visions From Across Realms (8m, Simple, Instant, Psyche?, E4): By opening his draperies before an onlooker Alalgor allows the view to to see snippets of happenings from across the plane of existence that Alalgor currently resides. The effect varies based upon the Realm that Alalgor is in.
General Effect: The viewer must spend a temporary willpower and make a Perception+Lore roll dif 5, for each success they learn a secret from the whispers and sights they witnessed. If they desire information about a specific subject then they get some information/clues for each 2 successes. Note that the information sought must be the kind that would be regularly available within that realm of existence. Seeking the names of the Deathlords is not something commonly known outside the Underworld (though some are), determining the number of Akuma commanded by the Ebon Dragon is not generally known in Creation, etc…

Effect in Creation: The viewer witnesses the vast expanses of Creation, its peoples and places, cultures and conflicts, etc… The overload of understandable information is quite intense but is not dangerous to a mortal’s psyche.
Effect in Heaven: The viewer witnesses the splendor of heaven but also its corruption and depravity. The shock at the hopelessness and sense of break down within the system will strike the viewer each time. The viewer must roll Wits+Integrity dif 4 or gain a major negative intimacy towards Heaven appropriate to the Viewer and viewing.
Effect In Hell (Any Jouten-Shijigou including the Demon City) The viewer is struck with the despair, torment and hatred in a thousands scenes of hellscape. They must roll Wits+Integrity vs dif 4 or gain the Major Tie: Demons (Fear).
Effect in the Underworld: The viewer is struck with the despair, torment and hatred in a thousands scenes of lost souls of the Underworld and the Labyrinth. They must roll Wits+Integrity vs dif 4 or gain the Major Tie: Ghosts (Despair).
Effect in the Wyld: This charm cannot function in the Wyld.

Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): the Demon vanishes by folding into its own Gateway appearing as close as its gateway allows.
Effect: On the beginning of Alalgar’s next turn he appears at the closest door/entry/gate/container to the summoner’s side or if unbound in Creation may move to any door in Creation.

Materialize (50m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The form of Alalgar seems to unerode from the ground, as the wind places each spec of dust and sand to form his kneeling form before the drapery fades into view like a ghostly covering.

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