Ao Head (Family of Five)
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By LC1984

Essence: 1 ; Willpower: 3 ; Join Battle: 8 dice
Health Levels: -0x2/-1x2/-2x2/-4x/Incap.

Sample Intimacies:

  • Defining Tie: Human Flesh (Lust)
  • Major Tie: The Living (Hatred)

Actions: Feats of Strength: 8 dice; Read Intentions: 4 dice; Senses: 9 dice; Threaten: 6 dice
Appearance 1 , Resolve 3 , Guile 2

Attack (Hair Grapple): 11 dice (11 dice to control)
Attack (Strangling, Savage Grapple): 15 dice (12 damage)
Combat Movement: 10 dice, Flying
Evasion 6 , Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 3/0 (Undead Skin)

Special Attacks

Attack Name:


**Merit Name: **
Family Ties: For every other family member, who has the same target, the Ao Head receives one bonus die to attack rolls.

Gaping Maw: The Ao Head receives Double 0 on decisive attacks made during a grapple.

Lasting Pest: Unless banned by an exorcist or destroyed through the Zenith caste ability, the heads rise again on the next new moon.

Fleshgorger: For evey mortal killed, it receives another point of WP and an additional HL up to twice its normal health levels.

Hair of Despair and Hunger: The head can initiate the grapple gambit at short distance and pulls it target automatically into close range.

Materialize: (1wp) Shadows grow larger and thicker until they take the form of a giant head.

Bound by Fate: The Ao Head can only roam around the vicinity of its buried corpse, as such it cannot travel long distances. It mostly acts in a circle of two to three miles around its body. If the buried corpse is sealed during the day (with salt, an exorcism ritual, a Zenith caste ability, a sorcererous working,…) it will banish the Ao Head.


Despite not having a mote pool, only slightly above average health and only a really weak soak, these monsters can wreak havoc, especially with groups who have trouble with flying enemies and/or grapplers. A dedicated fighter like a Dawn will not face that many difficulties fighting these monsters, but be cautious as not every character has a strong defense against grapple attacks.

With the Fleshgorger and Family Ties Merit, you can scale the strength of this monster a little bit, giving it a higher accuracy and more health.

Caution: If you are running more than three Ao Heads and don't use them as a battle group, the fight will take some time.

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