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Jericho the Temperate

Creation's roads are not safe. Especially not in this fallen age. Bandits, Brigands and Broken Men haunt the wilderness and prey on the unwary traveler. Whatever reason they had for taking up this wretched life, now they have no choice but to live it and hold little to no compassion towards other folk. They will attack and rob any individual or group that seems weaker than them and may even be willing to risk attacking a superior foe if tempted by obvious riches. They are toughened by their life. They have basic weapons and protection, but are desperate and dangerous.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 3 ; Join Battle: 6 dice
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x2/-2x2/-4x1/Incap.

Actions: Feats of Strength: 6 dice; Read Intentions: 4 dice; Senses: 6 dice; Threaten: 6 dice
Appearance 2, Resolve 3, Guile 3, Survival 6

Attack (Straight Sword): 8 dice (Damage 12L,Minimum 2L)
Attack (Self Bow): 6 dice + Range Modifier (Damage 10L,Minimum 1L)
Combat Movement: 6 dice
Evasion 3 , Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 6/0 (Buff Jacket)

Notes: This is an attempt to recreate the extras we fondly remember beating up by the cart load.

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