Fulope, The Voices in Despair
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By Raemus

Considered to be amongst the most traditional singers of Malfeas born in the moments that the walls of the Demon City slammed shut around the Yozi, and their wailing voices of anguish and despair have never ceased since. These demons congregate in Choirs, lamenting all things around them for the false glory that they possess and the lost glory that once existed in all things. The Fulope are demons of miniature stature, shaped like a recorder ending in a 5 jawed mouth and with 5 long 3 jointed insect-like legs upon which to stand, ending in a jagged spike.
The Songs of the Fulope are dreadful and filled with anguish, and when essence is poured into them they can shape the world around them much like sorcery. The Fulope are often called into battles by sorcerers to cause enemies to feel before their songs, or set upon a rival to destroy his ability to concentrate.

Essence: 3; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 6 dice
Personal Motes: 90
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x1/-2x2/-4x1/Incap.

Sample Intimacies:

  • Defining Principle: To sing of the fallen world and all it has lost
  • Major Principle: To make others feel the loss of the Titans in their souls.

Summoning Tips: To make binding the Fulope easier, make certain no other sounds are present to disturb its song. Additionally, wear ear plugs.

Speed Bonus:

Actions: Performance (Song) 10 dice
Appearance 3, Resolve 4, Guile 4

Attack (Spike Kick): 8 dice (Damage 10)
Combat Movement: 6 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 2
Soak/Hardness: 8 / 0


A Voice That Carries: The Fulope’s voice carries over vast distances.
Effect: A Fulope can be heard for long distances for the purposes of performances which grant mundane Instill Actions.

Distant Jumps: The Fulope can jump vast distances easily.
Effect: So long as a Fulope has room to jump, it may use its reflexive movement to move 2 range increments as a base.

Social Charms

Song of Longing (8m 1wp, Supplemental, Instant, Psyche, E1): The Fulope are extremely gifted singers knowing many different songs, many of which are mystical in nature. Each Fulope knows a number of songs but all Fulope know the song of Longing. It is that which they sing of the true nature of a thing. The nature that once was enhanced by the pervading essence of the Primordials before they were lessened and sealed away.
Effect: This charm supplements any performance action meant to instill a desire. This desire is tainted with the knowledge that it is never attainable. This intimacy cannot be eroded without magical aid and any attempt to comply with it does not grant willpower and you must resist fulfilling it by spending willpower when a possibility attain it comes up. (This cannot name food or drink though it can name a specific food or drink). This charm can affect an entire crowd.

Song of Discord (5m, Reflexive, As long as the other performer continues to perform, Eclipse, E1): The Song of Discord comes naturally to Fulope as it does to all demons. The Song isn’t sung to be heard but instead to be counter played and disrupt the concentration of others. This song is most often used to play tricks on other residents of the Demon City.
Effect: This charm can be used in response to the performance of another character. The Song of Discord causes the sounds, motions or concepts of the performer to be lost in confusion and discord, directly countering the performance’s intended effect. The Demon rolls Performance+Manipulation and subtracts 1 success from the target performance for each success gained. This Song is subtle and to actually hear its distinct presence a Perception+Performance roll dif of the Demon’s Essence+2 must be made. If so the Demon can be located but the effect still occurs.

Song of Mourning (8m 1wp, Supplemental, Instant, Psyche & Eclipse, E2): Like the Song of Longing, all Fulope instinctively learn the song of Mourning by which they lament the loss of all that was.
Effect: This charm supplements any performance action meant to instill sorrow, sadness, despair, etc… but targets only a single person in the audience with this effect. This charm doesn’t add new Intimacy, instead it inverts intimacies of Love becomes Despair, Desire becomes Sorrow, Loyalty becomes Suspicion, etc… These changes last until undone by another magic or until he has slept restfully.

Song of Anguish (8m 1wp, Supplemental, As long as the Song continues, Psyche & Eclipse, E2): The Song of Anguish is not one known to all Fulope, but known to the more accomplished of their kind. It is this song that stays the movements of Adjoran’s flight, and its singing is considered an unholy act. The use of this charm within the bounds of Creation alerts nearby gods of the presence of the Fulope. The song is said to contain within it the actual sensation that the transformed Yozi Adjoran felt during fetich death.
Effect: The Song of Anguish is a social charm that inflicts real pain upon the target. The Song of Anguish supplements a Performance (Song) action against the target’s Resolve. If successful the target gains an Intimacy of Fear for the Fulope & its Master (if known) and the target is wracked by pain increasing his current level of wound penalties by 1 per success (0 to -1 to -2, to -4) max of -4. This Song can be maintained as a combat action which can be flurried but does not need to be rolled again unless the Singer is struck. The level of pain does not change after the initial roll.

Note of Despair (0m, Simple, Instant, Psyche & Eclipse & Decisive Only, E3): The final song is one used by the Fulope to sound the hopelessness that demonic existence is. The song of despair contains only one note that anyone has ever heard as the Fulope self destruct, imploding inward under the weight of emotion. That single note however, is devastating to anyone nearby crushing their psyches with the same despair felt by demonkind.
Effect: The Note of Despair kills the user of this charm. The charm targets anyone and everyone within a Long Range with a performance (song) social attack, which if successful instills a Major Intimacy of the Principle “I am nothing and become nothing.”
Additionally any Battle Units in the area that are affected must make an immediate Route check.
Lastly If the Note of Despair is targeted at a specific person in combat then also treat it as a Decisive Attack with the Charisma+Performance v the Resolve of the Target used for the attack roll (up to long range no range modifiers). Damage is resolved normally. The damage is the weight of emotion as an actual force attempting to crush the individual.

Miscellaneous Charms

Materialize (30m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): A swirl of winds howls an echoing note of discord as it appears.

Measure the Wind (5m; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The Fulope can determine the nature of anyone it hears sing.

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