Linna Iselsi, Realm Spy
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By HoratioAtTheBridge

Linna Iselsi is a Realm spy in Chiarascuro. She was placed here by the Empress as part of her House's obligation, and remains in place after the Empress's disappearance in order to continue to serve the Iselsi. This is mostly done by trading information to more powerful Houses in order to secure alliances. Linna has been at this long enough that her ideals have long ago been replaced with cynicism, but she still feels a fierce loyalty to the spies within her network. She knows that nobody else will defend them, so she does what she can and tries not to spend them recklessly.

Essence: 1 ; Willpower: 5 ; Join Battle: 11 dice (+6 for 6 motes)
Personal Motes: 12 ; Peripheral Motes: 27
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x3/-2x3/-4x1/Incap.


  • Defining Principles:
  • Defining Ties: House Iselsi (Loyalty)
  • Major Principles: Everyone is Compromised, Noblesse Oblige
  • Major Ties: The Great Game of Spies (Joy), Her Network of Spies (Protective)
  • Minor Principles: Duty
  • Minor Tie: The Immaculate Faith (Inertial Faith), The Realm (Loyalty), The Memory of the Empress (Nostalgic Loyalty)

Actions: Acrobatics: 8 dice; Blackmail: 7 dice; Read Intentions: 8 dice (+6 for 6 motes); Senses: 8 dice (+6 for 6 motes); Stealth: 11 dice (+6 for 6 motes)
Appearance 3, Resolve 5 (+2 for 4 motes), Guile 5 (Spying 6, +3 for 6 motes)

Attack (Shuriken): 11 dice + Range (+6 for 6 motes, Damage 9, minimum 1)
Attack (Short Sword): 10 dice (Damage 11)
Attack (Grapple): 7 dice (4 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 7 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 5/0 (Buff Jacket)

Special Attacks

Poisoned Blade: Linna's shurikens are coated in arrow frog venom, inflicting 3i/round in damage upon successfully landing a decisive attack. This lasts for 5 rounds and inflicts lethal damage if the target crashes. It inflicts a -2 penalty on the victim.

Offensive Charms

Wind Carried Weapon: (1m, supplemental, instant): Linna may increase her thrown weapon's range by one range band. She still must take an aim action for attacks beyond short range.

Social Charms

Loyalty-Reading Meditation (3m, supplemental, instant): When Linna is reading intentions to determine where her target's loyalties lie, any applicable Intimacies modify the target's Guile as if it were their Resolve. A minor tie of affection for a friend, for instance, would impose a -1 penalty to the target's Guile when Linna is attempting to detect the target's loyalties.

Miscellaneous Charms

As the Wind (3m, Supplemental, Instant): Linna may ignore up to 3 points of penalties to her Stealth rolls. Penalties from noise she might make are not included in this limit.


Tactics: Linna's combat abilities have a big hole when it comes to her defenses, so she tries not to get in long fights where she trades blows with an opponent. She prefers to avoid combat if she can, but if her orders call for it or a target brings her to bay she will attempt to start the fight with an ambush from medium range using Wind Carried Weapon. She'll start with a decisive attack to deliver her arrow frog venom. Linna attempts to fight in crowded areas with lots of cover, such as a warehouse or a market, though she draws the line at using civilians for cover. She usually flurries her attacks with an attempt to re-establish stealth, enabling her to whittle down her opponent while denying them an opportunity to return an attack to her. Her ability As the Wind enables her to negate the dice penalty on her stealth pool for making the attack. When spending her motes, Linna will focus on maintaining stealth over ensuring that an attack lands.

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