Mistress Ganisthaia, The Wretched Courtesan
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By Raemus

Mistress Ganisthaia appears as a women but with features over exaggerated beyond beauty and into the grotesque. Her arms and legs are long and supple but far too gaunt; her figure is an hourglass but her waist is not much wider than her spine itself; her breasts are overly huge and pillow-y; her fingernails are long painted but claw-like; her hair drags upon the ground or floats in the air depending on her mood and attendants; her smile is simply too wide, her lips too big and her teeth are only fangs.
Mistress Ganisthaia, runs a large house of ill repute in the Golden Lantern district of Ipithymia. There she delights in the flesh as both madam and courtesan, however when the delights of the flesh leave her hollow, as they always do she will go into violent tantrums. She sometimes takes great interest in one of her underlings, but inevitably they fail her and pride turns to ruthless violence again. In combat she is a berserking crone with deadly claws and armored in her kimono woven of stolen desire.

Essence: 6; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 7 dice
Personal Motes: 110
Health Levels: -0x3/-1x4/-2x4/-4x1/Incap.

Sample Intimacies:

  • Defining Tie: To feel something other than frustration, anger and sorrow (Despair)
  • Major Tie: Gahrovis (A Vassal’s Fear and Reverence)
  • Major Principle: “All should praise my works.”
  • Major Principle: “Entertain me or die”
  • Minor Principle: “Do not test my Patience”
  • Minor Tie: Silence (Fear)
  • Minor Tie: Loud Noises (Loathing)

Actions: Disguise: 9 dice; Senses: 8 dice; Read Intentions: 10 dice; Sensual Amusements: 12 dice; Social Influence: 10 dice; Stealth: 10 dice; Writing/Poetry: 10 dice; Running Business: 7 dice; Intimidation: 10 dice; Perform Dance: 10 dice
5 Resolve:5 Guile:5

Attack (Claws): 12 dice (12 Damage)
Combat Movement: 10 dice (she is swift as the winds which birthed her progenitor)
Evasion:5 Parry:5
Soak/Hardness:10 / 0


Hideous: See Core Rules, p. 162

Miasma of Despair: When upset the Wretched Courtesan’s presence enfuses the very air around her, which becomes still and filled with an unfathomable hopelessness. Anyone in Close Range with her while in combat each round must roll Wits+Integrity vs dif 3 to resist this effect or lose access to spending willpower until they make this roll. This roll once failed cannot be made again until they leave close range with Ganisthaia. This Merit protects Ganisthaia from a Air Terrestrial’s Anima Flux.

Offensive Charms

Wretched Courtesan Nails (4m, Simple, Scene, None, E3): The already long nails of Ganisthaia grow monstrously and harden into vast black claws and continue to do so.
Effect: While active the demon can parry armed attacks without a stunt and inflicts lethal damage but additionally every round she adds a cumulative die to her post soak damage withering damage. This resets to 0 any time she is crashed or her initiative is reset.

Vitriolic Polish (4m, Supplemental, Instant, Decisive-Only, E2): Ganisthaia’s nails need no polish for the anguish with her can generate a form of vitriol that clings to her nails like a polish. In combat this can be excruciating for her foes.
Effect: Her Decisive attack is poisonous, Damage 2i/rd, Duration 10 rounds, and -2 Penalty.

Madam’s Mighty Backhand (4m, 1wp, Supplemental, Instant, Withering-Only, Eclipse, E2): When enraged the mighty demon gains strength and power. With her might strength she performs a backhanded strike knocking her target senseless.
Effect: This withering attack ignores armor and inflicts no true damage. Instead her damage dice are rolled and for each 2 successes her opponent takes a -1 penalty to all dice rolls. This lasts a number of rounds equal to the difference between the demon’s Essence and the target’s Stamina. If the target wishes to shake off the effect he may spend a combat action (not flurriable) to roll Stamina+Resistance dif 1 to reduce the number of rounds by 1 per success.

Social Charms

Madam’s Persuasive Questions (8m 1wp, Supplemental, Instant, Psyche, E4): When in good moods the Madam can pierce the hearts of her clients and lay their desires bare to her. Her questions no matter how intrusive, personal or direct, none take offense. After all how can a Madam pair one with the perfect partner if they know not these things?
Effect: Ganisthaia rolls double 9’s to Read Intentions for the purposes of learning the intimacies of a target, and is not subject to any penalties direct or forceful about an answer. Each success reveals an intimacy unless a willpower is spent for each intimacy with held. This charm first reveals any sexual, love or desire based intimacy (no matter the level), then starts at Defining Intimacies and works down (Major then minor). If the charm reveals all the target’s intimacies then the Demon may place the Minor intimacy of “I trust Ganisthaia with all my secrets”.

Miscellaneous Charms

Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): the Demon vanishes in a swirl of silent winds and vanishes on her next turn, drawn instantly to her summoner’s side.
Effect: On the beginning of Ganisthaia’s next turn she appears at her summoner’s side or if unbound in Creation she appears at the nearest House of Ill Repute. In Malfeas she appears at her own Whore House.

Materialize (50m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): A cloud of dust rises and then falls out of the air where Ganisthaia appears.

Measure the Wind (5m; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): Ganisthaia can determine the nature of anyone she locks eyes with.

Notes: When summoning Ganisthaia it is good to flatter her, and constantly give her tasks at which she can succeed. It is also wise not to rebuff her advances to forwardly or criticize/speak-down-to her; the Mistress will rage against your control should you do so.

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