Peleps Deled
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Peleps Deled is one of the signature characters in Exalted. He is a fanatic and a murderer, who uses his faith to justify his acts of violence.

Essence: 2; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 9 dice (+4 for 4m)
Personal Motes: 13; Peripheral Motes: 31
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x4/-2x4/-4x1/Incap.


  • Defining Principles: The Immaculate Texts Do Not Have Interpretations
  • Defining Ties: The Immaculate Faith (Fanatical Devotion), Violence (Sadistic Joy), Heretics (Violent Disgust)
  • Major Principles:
  • Major Ties: Anathema (Duty to Hate), Cults (Duty to Eradicate)
  • Minor Principles:
  • Minor Ties: Other Religions (Barely Concealed Hatred)

Speed Bonus:
Actions: Feats of Strength: 9 dice (May Attempt Strength 4 Feats, +4 for 4m); Read Intentions: 6 dice (+2 for 2m); Senses: 7 dice (+2 for 2m); Threaten: 8 dice (+4 for 4m)
Appearance 1, Resolve 5 (+3 for 6m), Guile 3

Attack (Unarmed): 12 dice (+6 for 6m, Damage 11)
Attack (Grapple): 9 dice (+6 for 6m, 10 dice to control, +6 for 6m)
Combat Movement: 8 dice
Evasion 3, Parry 4 (+3 for 6m)
Soak/Hardness: 11/7 (Jade Lammellar)

Offensive Charms

Rippling Water Strike (3m, Supplemental, Decisive-Only): If the attack does at least 1 HL of damage, all of the target's allies in close range of the target take a penalty to their actions and defenses equal to the wound penalty of the target.

Drowning in Blood Technique (3m, 1 wp, Supplemental, Decisive-Only): Add 5 dice of damage to Deled's decisive attack.

Flow Reversal Technique (5 m, 1 wp, Supplemental, Decisive-Only): Add 1 level of damage to the decisive attack. If the damage from the attack exceeds the target's Stamina, impose a -3 penalty on the target's actions for the next three rounds.

Defensive Charms

Flowing Water Defense (1 m, Reflexive, Instant): Attack rolls, rush attempts, and attempts to oppose a disengage against Deled suffer a -2 penalty

Shrugging Water Dragon Escape (4 m, Reflexive, Instant): Deled receives double-9s on attempts to disengage or to escape a hostile grapple

Water Dragon Form (8 m, Simple, 1 Scene): Deled receives a +5 to his soak. Against both withering and decisive attacks, up to two 1's on the damage roll are subtracted from the total damage inflicted.

Bottomless Depths Defense (5 m, 1 wp, Reflexive, Instant): Subtract 7 dice from a decisive attack directed against Deled.


Tactics: Deled opens with a massive attack, using Drowning in Blood Technique and Rippling Water Strike to turn his starting initiative into a large damage pool, inflict a high wound penalty on his first target, then share that penalty with all opponents in range. This could cripple the entire opponent party. He then works on grappling targets. If he has just launched a decisive attack, he will savage the target to regain Initiative. If there are multiple opponents and he has at least 10 initiative, he will use a decisive attack supplemented by Flow Reversal Technique to cripple his current opponent, then he will drop them and disengage so that he may grapple and cripple another opponent. If all opponents are suffering under the effects of Flow Reversal Technique, he uses Drowning in Blood Technique to go for the kill. He will use his excellency to ensure that the grapples land, but preserves his motes on the subsequent attacks unless his opponent is particularly difficult to hit.

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