Sara Almas
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Sara's mother always told her that she was special; that she was born of a liaison with a Dragonblooded Exalt, and that someday she would channel the power of the dragons. As she grew older and started a family of her own, her hopes turned from her own Exaltation to that of her children. Now, her highest hope is in her grandson, Gamal, who demonstrates a precocious intelligence and physical grace. Surely he will come into his powers when the time is right. Sara's belief in her own family's connection to the Dragonblooded drew her to the Immaculate Faith, and it is at the local temple that she was recruited by the Iselsi as a spy for the Realm. Sara works diligently for the Realm, trusting that they will take her grandson to the finest Realm academies when he comes into his power. For what it's worth, House Iselsi would gladly take in any lost eggs that their agents happened to pick up, but they are skeptical about Sara's claims of a Dragonblooded ancestor. That said, Sara has picked up enough of something that she is able to participate in warding rituals and exorcisms at the temple, and has learned much about the occult techniques of the Immaculate Faith. If she was not performing such good service for the Realm in her capacity as a spy in a major Delzhan household, she would likely retire to the monastery as a nun. Sara looks up to Peleps Deled as a hero of the faith, which is somewhat ironic as Deled would likely find fault with many of Sara's beliefs about the Immaculate Faith. The House Iselsi spymaster has entrusted Sara with codes and techniques to get in touch with the Realm in case they are compromised.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 5 dice
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x2/-2x3/-4x1/Incap.


  • Defining Principles: My Family Bears the Blood of the Dragons
  • Defining Ties: The Immaculate Faith (Hope), Grandson Gamal (Faith in Future Exaltation)
  • Major Principles: Any Job Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right
  • Major Ties: Family (Love), Peleps Deled (Faith Hero), the House Iselsi Spy-Master (Worshipful Adoration), Anathema (Hatred)
  • Minor Principles:
  • Minor Ties: Her Employer (Duty)

Speed Bonus:
Actions: Bureaucracy: 9 dice; Housework: 7 dice; Lore (Religion): 8 dice; Notice Everything: 8 dice; Occult: 9 dice; Read Intentions: 8 dice
Appearance 2, Resolve 4 (Faith 5), Guile 4

Attack (Dagger): 7 dice (Damage 8)
Attack (Grapple): 2 dice (1 die to control)
Combat Movement: 3 dice
Evasion 2, Parry 2
Soak/Hardness: 2/0 (Servant's Shift)


Tactics: Sara has no reason to fight, but does carry a dagger in the tradition of all Delzhan women. Her main objective is to gather information and return it to her masters. To this end she has organized her family, coreligionists, and fellow servants (browbeating or blackmailing them if necessary) as a network of spies in service to the Realm.

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