Shigui, the Attendants-in-Tatters
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By Raemus

The Servants of Ganisthaia are beings the perfect servants. They have no faces for faces can smirk, or show displeasure… and that may upset the mistress. They wear only tatters for that way they do not attract attention, and therefore the Mistress shows no pride in them, and thus they cannot disappoint the Mistress. They have no voice for with it they may laugh or let secrets slip, and that the Mistress could not abide.
The Servants of Ganisthaia live to serve and live in fear of the Mistress and her tantrums. They manage all forms of problems for her and their skills to lure in other demons to work for her undeniable. They are often summoned by Sorcerers that wish for a demon to aid their sorcerous workings, to act as a perfect servant to handle small matters, and to never desire to rebel. The Fulope are the perfect such demon, as they know that the Mistress will not excuse their absence and incredible punishments await their return. The mere mention of the Mistress let alone her name will cow any resistance.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 2; Join Battle: 1 dice
Personal Motes: 60
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x1/-2x1/-4x1/Incap.

Sample Intimacies:

  • Defining Tie: Ganisthaia (Fear)
  • Major Tie: To Serve

Tips: Dealing with a Fulope, just threaten them with their own progenitor and they will freak out briefly before cowing before you.

Actions: Sneaking 8 dice, Craft (Cooking) 8 dice, Craft(Varies) 6 dice, Buttling 10 dice
Appearance 2, Resolve 1, Guile 1

Attack (Pathetic Slap): 2 dice (Damage 2)
Combat Movement: 3 dice
Evasion: 1, Parry: 1
Soak/Hardness: 2 / 0


Danger Sense: See Core Rules, p. 160

Social Charms

Professional Courtesy (1m, Reflexive, Instant, Psyche & Eclipse, E1): The Fulope are always courtious, always prompt, and always discrete. For them to be otherwise would bring upon them swift retribution by the Madam.
Effect: The demon can instantly wipe parts of its own memory to protect its master’s secrets. These memories once lost cannot be recovered.

Imposition of Etiquette (10m, Simple, 1 Day, Psyche, E1): The Fulope so strictly adhere to etiquette for fear of the Madam’s wrath that their mere presence can bolster the customs of etiquette into becoming something akin to natural law.
Effect: The demon can create a zone in which specific laws of etiquette are imposed upon any that enter. The area must be enclosed in some way (a room of a house, a circle of stones, a fence or hedge, etc…) and the Demon must place a centerpiece appropriate to the etiquette being enforced in the center. Those affected by the Law cannot cause harm to the centerpiece but those outside can destroy it, thereby dissipating the magic of the charm over the next 4 rounds. Customs that restrict anyone that enters the affect area from taking an action are valid (except those that would endanger the target directly). Any that force the target to act are not.

Miscellaneous Charms

Unseen Help (2m, Simple, Scene, None, E1): The Fulope are the perfect servants and like all good servants they know how to be unobtrusive and vanish from sight when not needed. Barring powerful charms which banish illusions, or make stealth impossible, a Fulope is completely invisible.

A Servant’s Duty (1wp, Simple, Instant, Eclipse, E1): The servant must sacrifice everything for their mistress, even their very soul.
Effect: By spending a willpower the Fulope can sacrifice 10 of his own motes for his mistress granting her 5 motes. When summoned and bound the Fulope may be ordered to sacrifice 10 motes to grant 5 sorcerous motes to their master. To do this the master must be currently casting a spell otherwise these motes are expended into the environment causing the area to become spooky and/or creepy. This charm cannot be used to aid one’s own Sorcery Actions.

Materialize (10m; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The Fulope was simply there and you didn’t notice him.

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