Valagund, the Ship-Breaking Deception
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By Sigilistic

Valagund is an ancient Wyld behemoth, a holdover from the days of the Balorian Crusade. It is a massive, tentacled monstrosity, strong enough to grasp onto a ship and break it in half. Fortunately, it is a poor swimmer, and so most ships can easily sail out of its reach. Unfortunately, it has a Wyld mutation that transforms the tips of its tentacles into those it devours. These lifelike decoys are very convincing, and Valagund prefers to use them to prey on sailors’ sympathies, luring ships in close enough for it to grasp on with its tentacles.

Essence: 3; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 10 dice
Health Levels: -0 x 5 -1 x 10 -2 x 10 -4 x 5 Inc.
Actions: Feats of Strength: 15 dice (may attempt Strength 10 feats); Senses: 8 dice; Swimming: 5 dice; Stealth: 10 dice
Appearance 1, Resolve 4, Guile 4

Attack (Tentacle): 13 dice (Damage 14) * This attack can be made against everyone within short range, a successful attack initiates a grapple 15 dice to control
Combat Movement: 8 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 6
Soak/Hardness: 12/7


Cold Iron Bane: Weapons made of iron deal aggravated damage to Valagund.

Legendary Size: Valagund’s immense size makes it extraordinarily difficult for human-scale enemies to engage it in combat. Attacks from smaller enemies do not impose onslaught penalties. Withering attacks from smaller enemies cannot drop it below 1 Initiative unless they have a post-soak damage of 10 dice (although attackers can still gain the full amount of Initiative damage dealt). Decisive attacks made by smaller enemies cannot deal more than (3 + attacker’s Strength) levels of damage to it, not counting any levels of damage added by Charms or other magic.

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