Yennin Paragon
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By Billy Whisper

"The people of Volivat are called the Yennin, which means 'Children of Ten Fathers' in their language. The secrets their ancestors found in the city's central citadel included a formula for creating offspring with up to ten fathers, each contributing to the birth of a single child. They create supermen in this fashion, with only the wisest, strongest, and most gifted men contributing their seed to the next generation. The greatest Yennin champions are a match for the sorcerer-princes of Ysyr, and the Dragon-Blooded warriors of Prasad."
- Exalted 3e core.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 8 dice
Health Levels: -0x2/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.
Actions: enses: 8 dice; Perform Awesome Display: 10 dice; Feats of Strength: 10 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats);
Knowledge of Many Things: 8 dice; Read Intentions: 8 dice; Social Influence 8 dice
Appearance 5, Resolve 4, Guile 4

Attack (Great Sword):10 dice (damage 16)
Attack (Long Bow): 10 dice at medium range (damage 13)
Attack (Grapple): 10 dice (10 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 10 dice
Evasion: 4; Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 10/0 (Reinforced Breastplate)


Scion of Eleven Parents: Perfection is the birthright of every Yennin. If a Yennin Scion does not have any points of temporary Willpower at the start of his turn, he gains a point of temporary Willpower. A battlegroup of Scions instead gains +1 Might.

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