Yusuf bin-Fouad
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By HoratioAtTheBridge

Yusuf bin-Fouad is a merchant prince of Chiarascuro and a loyal retainer of the Tri-Kahn. He rode with the Tri-Kahn when they were youths, raiding caravans and tweaking the noses of the Realm garrison. He has grown old, fat, and powerful along with the Tri-Kahn. His trading empire and close relationship with the Tri-Kahn provides him with a lofty, legitimate place in the world, but he still harbors a youthful love of mischief which keeps him involved with smuggling, piracy, and dalliances with the Anathema. He also provides a discreet connection to the Tri-Kahn, as well as a discreet method by which the Tri-Kahn can act in the world.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice
Health Levels: -0x1/-1x2/-2x2/-4x1/Incap.


  • Defining Principles:
  • Defining Ties: Tri-Kahn of Chiarascuro (Personal Loyalty), Family (Loyalty)
  • Major Principles: Hospitality, Love of Money, Pride in Reputation
  • Major Ties: Followers (Paternal Protectiveness), His Business Empire (Pride), The Memory of his Wife (Sweet Sorrow), Sirocco, his horse (Love)
  • Minor Principles: Regret that He Never Had Children, Earned the Right to Enjoy Life
  • Minor Ties: Raiders, Pirates, and Thieves (Camaraderie)

Speed Bonus:
Actions: Command: 7 dice; Lying: 8 dice; Organization: 7 dice; Persuasion: 9 dice; Read Intentions: 7 dice; Riding: 9 dice; Senses: 5 dice; Threaten: dice
Appearance 2, Resolve 4, Guile 5

Attack (Javelin): 7 dice + Range Modifier (Damage 11), limited to short range
Attack (Saber): 9 dice (Damage 11, Minimum 2)
Attack (Grapple): 5 dice (4 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 6 dice (12 if mounted)
Evasion 3, Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 7/0 (Reinforced Buff Jacket)


Mounted Warrior: Yusuf loses 1 point of accuracy and 1 point of defense when fighting other mounted troops or infantry equipped with reaching weapons, or when fighting off his beloved horse.


Tactics: Yusuf is long past his glory years, but was a member of the formidable Delzhan cavalry in his youth. He still remembers how to throw a javelin from horseback. He will generally hang back and command his troops, or if pursued personally will flurry disengage actions with throwing javelins.

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