Disciple of the Ancestors
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By oohprincediamond

The secrets of sorcery are whispered in your ear by venerated ghosts in exchange for your service as a priest of the ancestor cult.

Shaping Rituals

The sorcerer may make an offering of grave goods to the ancestor spirits to draw on their power. She may make a prayer roll (Charisma + Performance, difficulty 5 minus the Resources value of any sacrifices offered along with the prayer) seeking power from her patron. Success grants her sorcerous motes equal to (her Essence + extra successes on the roll). These motes last for the duration of the story, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. She cannot pray for power more than once a day, and receiving new motes replaces any granted by past prayers.

When the sorcerer sleeps, her player may describe ghostly visitations into her dreams. She recovers no Willpower from sleep, instead rolling (Wits + Occult) and gaining one sorcerous mote per success. These motes last until the next time she sleeps, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. If the sorcerer spends all of the sorcerous motes granted by a dream casting her control spell, each counts as two motes towards meeting the spell’s cost. Once per story, the sorcerer’s player may stunt to describe how a dream was a prophecy or forewarning of a current situation. Doing so awards her a number of sorcerous motes equal to (her Essence x [stunt level + 1]), which last for the duration of the scene.

The sorcerer may spill her blood in a shadowland or the Underworld in exchange for power, taking a single level of aggravated damage in exchange for (Essence + Willpower) sorcerous motes. These last a fortnight, or until she makes another blood offering. In addition, the sorcerer gains an additional sorcerous mote each round when she shapes a spell in a shadowland or the Underworld.

Other Benefits

Speaker for the Dead (Merit ••): The sorcerer treats all ghosts as having a Minor Tie of respect towards her, and is often sought out by ghosts in need of assistance. Other undead, such as zombies or hungry ghosts, are not affected.

Rites of Blood and Iron (Merit •••): The sorcerer doubles 9s on all rolls to create a sorcerous working within a shadowland or the Underworld, as long as the results of that working are strictly confined within that realm.

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