Soul Crushing Enactment

Soul-Crushing Enactment

by FrivYeti

Cost: — (+1wp); Mins: Performance 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Mirror (Emancipation of the Soul)
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Haunting Apparition Trick

Resistance is futile; the Abyssal can lace his performance with the bleak inevitability of his Exaltation. Whenever the Abyssal applies the effects of Haunting Apparition Trick, he may reflexively pay one point of temporary Willpower as a non-Charm activation. For as long as that performance continues, all characters within range of the Abyssal's spectral apparitions (other than the Abyssal himself) increase the cost to resist any form of mental influence by one point of temporary Willpower, to a maximum of five points. A grinding sense of futility chains them, as hope and self-determination become distant and alien. This Charm's effects are applied only once to any given character; multiple Abyssals performing with this Charm and Withering Phantasmagoria can cast a shadow of oppression across entire countries, but the effects of their performances will not stack.
This Charm's effects end when that performance does; when the Abyssal silences his music, cuts off his speech, or stills his dancing. If he wishes to apply its effects again to a separate performance (or a repeat of the same one), he must pay the Willpower surcharge once more.

This Charm is mirrored by the Solar Charm Emancipation of the Soul. Obviously, the effects of this Charm and its Solar Mirror cancel each other out; the only question is which Exalt will relent in their performance first.

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