Guardian Spirit Sword
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By [Raemus]

Circle: Terrestrial Circle
Cost: 10sm, 1wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Until dismissed

The sorcerer creates a daiklave of out of pure essence which has a unique appearance for each sorcerer (always a daiklave). The Spirit Sword's greatest advantage is that it is wielded with Occult+Intelligence or Melee+Dexterity and that it can strike dematerialized spirits as easily as physical foes. A sorcerer can pass this blade off to an ally or wield it himself. A sorcerer that casts this spell a second time causes the previous Spirit Sword to vanish and creates a new sword from his essence.

In addition, characters with an Essence pool gain access to the following power while this spell is active:

Unseen Swordsman (5m; Simple; Scene): When the Sorcerer wishes the Spirit Sword can come to life and protect or attack as if it was wielded by an invisible swordsman ergo it doesn't fly or move unless doing so is plausible as if someone was wielding it. This is done using the Sorcerer's Intelligence+Occult die pool. The Unseen Swordsman starts with the Sorcerer's Initiative but is given his own initiative and does not require the Sorcerer's attentions to act except to perform a decisive blow (A combat action for both the Unseen Swordsman and the Sorcerer). If the Unseen Swordsman is "Disarmed" the blade clatters to the ground for a round before reappearing in the sorcerer's hand. There is no distance limit to the Unseen Swordsman other than the distance coverable within a Scene.
Note: The Unseen Swordsman is an extension of the Sorcerer's own will an can call upon their applicable charms (and essence to power them) as well as use the evocations of the blade.

Essence Blade (2m; Supplemental; Instant): The blade becomes immaterial to inanimate objects making mortal weapons (and therefore their Parry) and armor useless against this blade's attack. An enemy unfamiliar with this power should be considered surprised upon the first use. Note that living weapons/armor and attuned artifacts do work normally against this power as the essnece of the attuned bearer makes it solid to the Essence Blade.

A sorcerer who knows Spirit Sword as her control spell may create and master Evocations for the Sword, which can only be used while this spell is active.

Distortion (Goal Number: 12): Distorting the Spirit Sword causes the blade to become completely immaterial and harmless to physical foes. The sorcerer is effectively disarmed unless he can touch spirits. The spell cannot be dismissed or recast while it is distorted.

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