Sever The Source From Mortal Clay
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By Bastian Lange

Circle: Terrestrial
Cost: 5sm, 1wp
Keywords: Decisive-Only, Perilous
Duration: Scene
The Sorcerer casts a shield of Essence over the target’s connection to the ambient Essence, locking her target off from the Heartsblood of Creation. The Sorcerer makes a decisive attack against a Hardness of the target’s Willpower. Every success gives the target a cumulative -1 penalty to all Shape Sorcery. Should it reach a point where he can no longer take a Shape Sorcery action, he may no longer cast any form of Sorcery of the Terrestrial Circle, and loses 3 sorcerous motes per turn when he tries to use Sapphire or Adamant Circle. This Spell also imposes a surcharge of +(casting Sorcerer's Essence) motes on all Charms paid with Peripheral motes.

A Sorcerer who knows Sever The Source From Mortal Clay as his control spell may try to “Tie off” the Shield, in order to change the duration to Indefinite, making a roll of Intelligence+Occult at the beginning of every day with a Difficulty of the targeted Sorcerer’s Resolve + Essence Should the Sorcerer succeed, he keeps the Shield but should the target succeed, the Shield is broken.

Distortion (Goal Number: 7): Distorting this Spell, inverts it's properties for a Scene, causing it to create a wide-opened doorway instead of a closed gate. This causes the penalties imposed by this Spell to become bonuses for one scene and prevents the target from losing Sorcerous motes due to this Spell. However, after this Scene, the penalties are doubled.

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