Salt and Sand - Attack on the Titan
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By HoratioAtTheBridge

Attack on the Titan

This is a background scene to establish that who the player characters are and to establish that the Houses are now hunting them. It can be played as an introduction, or could be played as a flashback during the Docks scene below when the players are explaining to Yusuf how they came to Chiarascuro to ask for his help.

The Realm treasure ship, Titan, is on its way back to the Blessed Isle from collecting the tribute of Chiarascuro. The Titan rides low in the water, surely weighed down by gold, silver, and gem. Unbeknownst to the Circle, though, the Titan is filled not by precious cargo but with hold full of House Pelep's elite marines. The adventure begins with the Circle rolling Join Battle against what appears to be the lightly armed crew of yet another fat prize.

Peleps Balmyra - Mortal captain, use Elite Troops QC with Command dice pool of 6
Peleps Marines - Size 3, Drill 3, Might 0, battle group, use Lintha Reaver QC
Peleps Neren - Water Aspect, use Young Dragonblooded QC
Mnemon Korl - Earth Aspect, use Young Dragonblooded QC

The Dragonblooded and most of the Marines are hidden at the beginning of the fight. Mnemon Korl and the Marines are below decks and require 4 Awareness successes to detect. Peleps Neren is under the sea and is specifically moving to ambush a PC, and requires 6 Awareness successes to detect. Any PC that fails to detect the enemy forces is subject to an Unexpected Attack when they emerge.

Fight Tactics

A small unit of Marines is on the deck of the ship. Balmyra leads them, issuing commands to boost their rolls. Once the PCs board the ship, additional Marines emerge from the holds to press the PCs. Neren leaps from the ocean to attack a PC with surprise. Korl, however, does not come up on deck. Instead, his first action is to blow a hole clean through both ships near the waterline, with the intention of boarding the PC's ship from below.


Regardless of whether the PCs defeat the Realm ambush, Korl's attack has severely damaged both ships. A Basic Craft project can create a patch to keep the ship afloat long enough to limp to port. If no PCs possess the requisite Craft skills, presume that they have a carpenter among the crew capable of performing the required repairs. Fortunately the group has a contact in Chiarascuro who can help them get more substantive repairs, and the city is relatively free of Realm troops as it's under the direct control of the Tri-Kahn.

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