Ten Embittered Virtues

Ten Embittered Virtues, Scion of the Sea that Marched Against the Flame

By Sly9 (MW / RPG.net / OPP)

*Note - This is a 3E homebrew.


In progress


A picture of Ten Embittered Virtues without his Yozi artifact armors.


Martial Arts


Essence: 6; Willpower: 8; Join Battle: 8 dice
Personal Motes: 110
Health Levels: -0x5/-1x8/-2x8/-4x4/Incap.



Defining Tie: Kimbery (Disdained Obedience)
Defining Principle: Duplicity is at the heart of everything (Treachery)

Major Tie: Her demon offspring (Exploitation)
Major Principle: Ruin is the purest gift, and will be given freely to all (Ruination)
Major Tie: War (Enjoyment)


Combat Movement: 8 dice (12 dice while airborne)
Attack (Claw): 11 dice (damage 14, minimum 4) [Tags: Lethal]
Attack (Grapple): 10 dice (11 dice to control)
Dragon’s Suspire: 10 dice (damage 10L, minimum 5) [Tags: Lethal, Thrown/spit Medium, Flame, Special] (Iyutha’s Dragon’s Suspire is an unblockable gout of tainted black vitriol that rots flesh and scores both metal and stone.)
Evasion (Dodge) 3 (5 while airborne), Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 15/9 (draconic scales)


Flying maneuvers: 12 dice
Demonic Lore: 5 dice
Senses: 6 dice
Resist Poison/Illness: 7 dice
Read Intentions: 8 dice
Social Influence: 8 dice
Resolve 4
Guile 5



Language ● Old Realm (Native)
Language ● Low Realm
Language ● High Realm
Language ● Seatongue
Language ● Skytongue


Offensive Charms

Infernal Might Unleashed (2m+; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 4): The Akuma may add up to three successes to any roll at a cost of two motes per success. If she is either upholding an Intimacy, spending Willpower to add a success to the roll, or paying for a Charm that enhances it, she may instead purchase up to five successes.

Defensive Charms

Miscellaneous Charms

Charms in progress:


Excellent Demonic Martial Arts
Excellent Demonic Investigation
Excellent Demonic Socialize
Excellent Demonic War
Excellent Demonic Bureaucracy
Excellent Demonic Performance
Excellent Demonic Presence
Excellent Demonic Resistance

*Note - This is a homebrew 3E conversion.

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