Wiki Restoration Project

Once upon a time, Exalted had a wonderful wiki with lots and lots of fan material. Then, one day, it was closed down. A fan created a backup of the wiki, but it was non-editable and thus was only useful as an archive - vast though that archive might be. Furthermore, the rules material at the backup site generally reflects the Exalted 2E/2.5 rules, and are thus obsolete for the new 3E rules. The Wiki Restoration Project attempts to address this, and has the following goals:

  1. Port as much of the old Wiki material over to this wiki.
  2. Make a clearer distinction between "canon" and "homebrew" material.
  3. Convert as much of the old rules material to 3E rules as possible.

To get an overview of what needs to be done, this Google Sheet lists all pages of the old wiki. Pages can fall into one of these categories:

  • "Not Done": Nobody has converted this page yet, but there is no reason why it couldn't be converted. Go for it!
  • "Done": This page has been converted, and a link to the new page is present.
  • "Inappropriate": This is generally reserved for pages which would be inappropriate for this wiki, such as 2E Errata.
  • "Needs 3E Rules": This category is reserved for rules systems which have no clear 3E equivalent yet - such as homebrew charms for one of the Exalted types which haven't been released for 3E so far.

Please keep the categories for the individual pages up-to-date!

Guidelines for page conversions

Respect the original authors!

If you are converting a page with homebrew material, mention the original author on the page. The exception are Lexicon entries, as these do not represent original material. In that case, simply add a link to the original archive page in the Bibliography section.

Use the Exalted 3E Wiki sections and templates!

For ease of organization, this wiki uses distinct page sections and page templates for each of these sections. However, these templates and sections do not map directly to the organization of the old wiki. In general, it should be clear - charms should go to the Charms section, spells to the Spells section, NPCs and foes with stat blocks to the Quick Characters section, and so forth. If no appropriate template seems to exist, ask for one at the Wiki Discussion Thread at the Onyx Path Forums.

In cases where more than one section seems to apply - such as a canon NPC (represented by a Lexicon entry) with a homebrew stat block (represented by a Quick Characters entry), split the page into separate entries and link them to each other. The Editing Tips explain how to link between different wiki pages.

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